While KCC is celebrating over 40 years of service, we are also celebrating almost ten years as an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). As one of the few manufacturers in Louisville with an ESOP, KCC employees benefit in two significant ways.

  1. Every year, members earn shares in a retirement account based on how well KCC performs. The better we do, the more your shares will be worth.
  2. We are focused on creating an ideal place to work, where all employee-owners are highly engaged and satisfied with their contributions. In this ideal work environment, we have a strong community spirit, where every employee is well informed and given opportunities to share their voice.

To help achieve these goals, KCC has formed an ESOP Communications and Culture Committee to optimize the benefits and advantages of being an ESOP.

KCC’S ESOP truly Separates us from our competitors

The future is in our hands!