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  • Up to $1000 OFF an energy efficient upgrade Trane System good through 05/31/21
  • Swap a Trane for a Trane- Trade in your Trane and received instant rebates up to $500


Financing Available On Any New Equipment.

We are making these offers available so you can become familiar with the QUALITY and INTEGRITY of our people, products and service. We would be happy to show you HVAC systems that qualify for rebates

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Heating & Air Conditioning Repair

Any unit repair starting at $88 *Free Repairs for KCC Club Members

Wanting to replace or upgrade?

There are many signs that tell you it’s time to replace or upgrade your HVAC system.

Replace your system starting at $99/mo 0%

Clean and Check

To maintain your warranty, manufacturers request routine maintenance be performed. Also, maintaining your unit can help extend the operating life span, helping you get the most out of your unit.


Indoor Air Quality Products

One way to guarantee Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is getting your system services. This would include the supply and return ducts, registers, grilles, diffusers, heat exchangers, fan motors and other various parts. If someone in your family is constantly getting sick without reasonable cause, your IAQ could be why.

25% Off

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