HVAC Replacement Indicators

DATE: December 14, 2016

HVAC Replacement Indicators 

The snow is coming; the snow is coming – and your HVAC system might be going (out).

 You never want your system to give out on you in the winter months because that’s when it can do the most damage to your home. Your system can deal out the punches that you might not be prepared for post-Christmas, and broken pipes can damage your home’s interior both physically and financially. But how can you indicate if you need to replace your HVAC system?

Here are a few strong indicators:

1. Your System’s Lifespan – While the median life expectancy of your system is about 15 years, some can start to falter as soon as 7 years old.

 2. Maintenance – If you’ve had to have your unit repaired three or more times in the past year, this is a strong indicator that it’s not going to last.

 3. Noise – if your heater is making any odd noises. Newer models are often much more quiet than their older counter parts, however, any suspicious noise should be taken note of.

 4. High Bills and Uncomfortable Temps – Newer models are much more energy-efficient, so if your bills skyrocket you should be suspicious and being uncomfortable in your home because the temperature fluctuates dramatically often goes hand-in-hand with the billing issue.

 If you’re having any/all of these issues, give us a call today to receive a free HVAC system quote,so we can set you to rights before its too late.

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