Don’t Forget Air Filters

DATE: January 24, 2017

Don’t Forget Air Filters

Even the most diligent person can forget to change out their air filter regularly. You may just scoff and think, “What’s the big deal?” There’s actually quite a lot that can go wrong! Don’t forget air filters!

 A clogged system from a dirty filter can either reduce air flow or stop it all together, giving your home that stale air quality you associate with old homes. Your system is also working overtime to compensate which puts additional stress on the entire process. This leads to premature failure of your system.

 Although we recommend you service your unit twice a year, you can bring our visits down to once a year if you continuously renew your filter. But how often should you change it? We recommend a new filter about once a month, especially if any of these points apply to your household:

 You run your unit six months a year to year-round…

  • You have pets. Pet dander can become airborne and circulate through the home’s ventilation system just like normal household dust.
  • You have a large family.  More activity means more household dust, dirt, and debris.
  • You smoke indoors.
  • You/a family member suffers from allergies or a respiratory condition.
  • You have a fireplace that you occasionally use.
  • There is construction around/near the home. Even temporary activity attracts dust and debris from worksites.

And we here at Kentuckiana Comfort Center are here to make your life even easier. Simply click here: and enter our order code c44z to order your filter today!

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