Following Industry Standards

DATE: July 18, 2016

Earlier, we discussed the single most important question you can pose to a prospective HVAC contractor from whom you anticipate receiving a competitive proposal and most importantly a proposal that reflects your specific needs and best interests.

Here is some of what can be expected based on the answer you receive to that question.

A positive answer: An indication that industry-recommended standards and procedures are followed in determining the proper size for your new HVAC system will result in the most cost-effective solution and the most comfortable environment. This process of following these techniques and procedures reflects an intentional means to achieving the properly sized system for your home. It shows a level of responsibility and accountability that is not displayed by those who choose to follow outdated procedures or who choose not to follow any procedure whatsoever.

A negative answer: A response that indicates these procedures are not followed, will ultimately result in a new system in your home that works accidentally, not intentionally. With guidelines in place and available to all who propose these new systems, and to consciously choose a course other than following those guidelines, may very well result in a new system that ‘works,’ but certainly does not work to its greatest level of efficiency, nor does it result in the greatest level of comfort in your home.

In many jurisdictions, these proper sizing procedures and techniques are a required, not a subjective part of the process. The contractor in these areas are obligated to provide a basis on which the sizing of the system was determined. In these same jurisdictions the proof of the proper sizing procedures has to be submitted along with the permit for the work proposed. At some point, this will be a requirement in all jurisdictions.

What else is important for your prospective contractor to check? Follow this blog and next time, I’ll share important areas that are often overlooked.

John L. Lloyd

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