HVAC Makes Great Holiday Gift

DATE: November 29, 2016

It’s almost Christmas; time for candy canes, snowflakes, botched pictures with Santa, and new items on our wish lists. This season, an item that should be on your wish list is a new HVAC system! But why would you want something so serious, when you could get a new massage foot bath or spa day? Here are a few key components that make a new system well worth it.

· Noise: New systems are designed for quieter operation. Older systems with an undersized duct system can be especially noisy.

· Humidity problems and excessive dust: Inadequate or malfunctioning equipment and leaky ductwork can cause the air to be too dry or too humid in the summer.

· Frequent repairs and ever-higher energy bills: As efficiency decreases, your operating costs go up. A new system will pay for itself surprisingly quickly.

· Hot or cold spots (or rooms) in your home: Malfunctioning equipment, duct problems or too little/improper insulation may be the culprit. Your new system, properly installed, will distribute heat/cool air evenly and as you need it.

· Heating or cooling an empty house: With a programmable thermostat, your family can start saving energy/money while you’re away and while sleeping

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