Keeping HVAC Running Efficiently

DATE: July 11, 2017

Keeping HVAC Running Efficiently

Let’s discuss HVAC efficiency in this month’s Comfort Talk with KCC. It seems that we are running our HVAC systems more often than not. From cold days to hot days, our systems are a rather large asset in our homes and one thing that we depend on most to keep our families comfortable. Running an efficient system can keep you at your most comfortable, and even save you money. So, what can you do to keep your HVAC running efficiently?

Here are some general rules for running an efficient HVAC:

1.) Change your filters often: Dust and debris collect in our filters quickly. Therefore, it is important to change the filters in our systems as often as every three months. When dust and debris start to collect and consume the filter, it causes your system to work harder. Having pets can take this up to an even further notch. If you do have pets, you may want to check your filter even more frequently than three months. If you check prior to the three months and see that it’s dirty, change the filter. A dirty filter is causing the system to work harder and therefore costing you more money.

2.) Check your insulation: Even if your system is performing with tip top accuracy, your home may be causing your system to perform poorly. To avoid this from happening, be sure to check your insulation. If you have bad insulation, there is a chance that any air that is being blown from your system is seeping through cracks and heading right outside. Another efficiency killer can be your windows. If you have several windows in your home, try to keep the curtains closed throughout the hottest times of the day. This will help keep things cool and stop your system from overworking.







3.) Check your ducts: Check up on your ductwork regularly. Ducts can get holes, or tears in them. The metal ductwork is a better investment for your home. If a hole comes about on your metal ducts, you can repair most holes with a little duct tape. However, any flexible ducts will need to be replaced to keep up your system’s efficiency. Also, having your ducts cleaned by a professional can keep you comfortable all year long.







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