Most Important Question for HVAC Contractors

DATE: July 1, 2016

The MOST important question…..

Last time I indicated there was ONE question you could ask the prospective HVAC contractors you are considering to do business with. Were you able to come up with that question? Well, here it is:

“How would your company determine the size of the (heating or cooling) equipment for my home?”

Now that you know THE question to ask, it stands to reason that the answer to this question is just as important. There is only ONE (1) correct answer to this question. Note: The Department of Energy (DOE) and every major product manufacturer all recommend the same method). How the company answers this question therefore tells you whether they follow federal and manufacturer “best practices” or not.

Those that do are far more likely to deliver a properly sized system or equipment for your home. Improperly sized equipment can lead to discomfort, short cycling, higher energy costs and shorter equipment life. Therefore, there is a definite value to selecting a company that answers this one question properly.

What does the correct answer to this question look like? Follow this blog, and next time, I’ll let you know what the correct and ONLY answer to this question is and most importantly, how this affects your ultimate satisfaction with your new HVAC system.
John L. Lloyd

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