Oversizing HVAC Equipment

DATE: August 16, 2016

Oversizing HVAC equipment. Probably one of the most common ‘mistakes’ made when replacing or upgrading a residential HVAC system. I highlighted mistake simply because it does not have to happen. With the tools available within the industry, it is a rather simple process to record the information that enables the individual to properly size the equipment.

If you have an air conditioning system that maintains the temperature, but the system constantly cycles on and off and, in addition, the environment seems to be ‘clammy,’ it could be because the system is oversized. This system will satisfy the thermostat very quickly but doesn’t cycle long enough to properly remove the humidity. This results in a cold but clammy environment. This is a pretty distinctive indication the system may be oversized.

Proper sized air conditioning, following industry recommended guidelines, will result in a system that cycles for a reasonable length of time enabling the removal of humidity from the space while maintaining the desired temperature. What most people do not realize is that central air conditioning is designed to run continuously. That’s right. In an ideal situation, your air conditioning system would run virtually non-stop while maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels.

But, since the demands on the system change throughout the day, overnight, and reflect our particular lifestyles, this is seldom the case. Our homes require less air conditioning overnight as the outdoor temperature goes down, and from day to day, the requirements can change as well. In the summertime, when the kids are running in and out of the house, this can affect the cycle time as well. So why is a continuous running system better? Tune in for our next blog installment.

John L. Lloyd

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