Size of Equipment for Home

DATE: July 12, 2016

Here is the correct answer(s) to the earlier question you should pose to a prospective HVAC contractor which was, “How would your company determine the size of the heating or cooling equipment for my home?”

Correct answer(s): “By Manual ‘J’ Calculation.” “By an engineering analysis.” “By a room-by-room load analysis.” “By measuring and calculating the load for each room.” “By ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors Association) software.” “By using a computer design.”

These or similar methods that specify an actual mathematical calculation based on solid science are the ONLY acceptable answers to that one question. What does this answer mean to you? The companies who give one of the answers above, have spent time to educate their sales, installation and service staffs. The mere fact they know how to do the sizing correctly tells you they care about their reputation and more importantly, your comfort. The education and materials needed to do the job correctly are and represent a substantial investment in both their business and your comfort. Do not expect any company of this caliber to be cheap. In fact, the added value they bring to the table will likely put their quote substantially above a company that guesses at sizes. But wouldn’t you rather know what you’re getting than to have someone guess at the size and gamble several thousand dollars of your money that they guessed correctly?

The following are unacceptable answers. “By square footage.” “By looking at the size of the existing equipment.” “I’ve got XX years in the business and know how big it needs to be.” “By years of experience.” “By the thousands of units I’ve installed over the years,” or variations that say “I guess at the size!”

How will the ‘wrong’ answer(s) to this important question affect you? Follow this blog, and next time, I’ll let you know how the wrong answers can result in a very bad experience for you, and problems with your new system that won’t go away, and can’t be fixed!

John L. Lloyd

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