What is the One Question you Must Ask?

DATE: June 23, 2016

The One question you need to ask……
Just as with other professions and trades, there are both professional companies and fly-by-night operators in the HVAC industry.  Since the average HVAC job will be installed and depended on for many, many years, it in the shopper’s best interest to acquaint himself or herself with some basic information that can greatly reduce the potential to end up paying thousands of dollars for what could end up being at least an uncomfortable system and at worst, an unsafe, even life-threatening system.  Accepted practices within the industry may be circumvented and permitting avoided in which case, the final work is not inspected to insure all local codes were followed and you have a safe, reliable system in place.

There is ONE question you need to ask that serves as the best basis on which to determine whether the contractor you are speaking with is following both federal and manufacturer’s ‘best practices.’  The answer to this one question, will provide you with significant information about that company or individual and at the same time provide important insight into what you can expect the final result of their installation to be.

What do you think that one, most important question might be?  Follow this blog, and next time, I’ll let you know what that question is, WHY it is so important, and what it reveals about your potential choice of contractor.
John L. Lloyd

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