Don’t Ignore these Furnace Warning Signs

DATE: November 18, 2015

Your furnace doesn’t break down out of the blue. It helpfully tells you that it is not working properly by first emitting several warning signs. Learn these signs now, then call a service technician if you spot them – thus protecting your family’s comfort.

The following may be signs that your furnace may be heading for a major breakdown.

  1. It seems like you’re always calling an HVAC tech – As your furnace ages, it tends to require more frequent repairs. These repairs also add up. When you are scheduling repairs more frequently, and begin wondering if your old furnace is “worth it,” failure may be near.
  2. Your furnace is starting to get noisy Sometimes your furnace blower might cycle on and off or begin running constantly. Other times, it might emit bangs, creaks, rattles, squeals, or other odd noises that give you cause for concern. These noises tend to develop when your furnace nears the end of its useful life. Call when you notice then to avoid a furnace failure.
  3. It seems like you keep turning the thermostat up, but you’re always cold – When your furnace and thermostat are working well, it only takes a minor adjustment to increase home comfort. If your thermostat is malfunctioning, or your furnace is getting old, turning up the thermostat may not increase your comfort in the home. An HVAC technician can examine your thermostat and your furnace and diagnose the problem.
  4. The flame is yellow – When your furnace is healthy, its flame should burn a bright blue. If the flame is yellow instead, call in a service tech right away. There is a risk of a carbon dioxide leak, carbon dioxide is odorless and tasteless. Carbon dioxide could be devastating to your family’s health. Other warning signs of a carbon monoxide problem include soot around the furnace, rusting on pipe connections, and condensation on windows or walls.
  5. Your utility bills have increased – Sure, utility bills vary from year to year due to changes in energy costs and weather. However, if your bills are significantly higher than they were the year before, it could spell a furnace problem. Have an HVAC technician look at your furnace. A few tweaks could save you money. In the worst case, you can identify a unit that needs replacing before it stops working altogether.

If you are concerned about furnace health, it is always a good idea to have your unit inspected in fall or early winter. This way, a service technician can tune up your furnace, clean it so it operates efficiently (saving you money all winter long), and let you know of any concerns he has regarding your furnace.

If you see any of these signs, contact us right away by calling (502) 491-9880. We will do our best to find a prompt appointment time for you, and repair your furnace or recommend replacement if it is more cost-effective.

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