Sizing it UP

DATE: August 2, 2016

In addition to knowing what the electrical requirements are with your new system, it is important to take into consideration the size of the new system, particularly on the heating side.

If you have a cooling load that requires a three ton air conditioning unit, then chances are the replacement unit will be the same. The big difference is that the new air conditioning system, being higher in efficiency, will cost less to operate while providing the same level of cooling. This is why we emphasized the importance of checking the electrical circuit to see that the over current protection was properly sized.

With a heating system, it is somewhat different. A higher efficiency gas furnace actually extracts more useable heat from the furnace at the point combustion takes place and uses this additional heat to offset the heating requirements in the home. What you may find is what appears to be a smaller capacity furnace is actually the proper size since you are generating more useable heat. Again, the correctly sized system that is achieved by following the proper techniques and requirements directs the contractor to the proper models that meet your specific needs.

Neither an oversized heating system nor an oversized cooling system will result in either efficient operation or do anything to enhance the comfort in your home. On the contrary, oversizing will actually result in a less comfortable environment. Follow along on our blog, and learn what happens when the ‘bigger must be better’ philosophy is used in sizing a new heating and air conditioning system.

John L. Lloyd

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