Time to Upgrade Your HVAC?

DATE: June 13, 2017

Time to Upgrade Your HVAC?

The heat has risen! It is June in Kentuckiana and we all know that means humid days are here to stay. It isn’t only comfortable to stay cool, but it can be incredibly dangerous not to. If an HVAC breaks down unexpectedly and your family is stuck feeling hot and uncomfortable, is it time to update your HVAC?

While some HVAC units burn out around the 7-8-year mark, if your unit has reached 15 years, consider yourself lucky… just don’t push your luck! If you are approaching that 15-year mark it is time to start thinking about a new unit. Begin considering the process of comparing HVAC systems. That way once your system has reached its final days you know the right move to make to keep your family cool and comfortable.

Aside from the age of the unit, there are other signs to keep in mind when considering a new system.

Ask yourself these questions:

• Have you called for repair to your unit more than twice in the last year?
• Is your unit making a funny noise?
• Have your heating & cooling bills become super high?
• Is your home not staying at a comfortable temperature?
• Are you ready to convert to a different fuel source? Convert to natural gas perhaps, or try a ductless solution?
• Are you ready for the new improvements in heating and cooling technology?

When you choose to do your research for upgrading before the unit is completely kaput, you are not only allowing yourself to make an informed decision but you may also save yourself money. Once you know what system is the best fit for you, you can hold off till the next special is offered. And the best part is that those newer, more energy-efficient models often qualify for rebates and tax credits.

Saving money and being comfortable? Now THAT is a win-win!

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