WIFI Thermostat Benefits

DATE: January 18, 2017

There’s always that one person who changes the thermostat when you’re not looking. Suddenly the house is a sauna, and you’re bickering over a few degree difference. You’re prepped and ready to whip out the fingerprint dust to prove it! Before things get too drastic, put a little honesty back in your temperature control relationship with a WIFI thermostat.  Here are a couple benefits this technology provides:

WIFI Thermostat Benefits  

  • Reduced Energy Cost

    It automatically adjusts temperatures depending on whether you’re out and about, vegging on the couch or even asleep by analyzing your heating & cooling patterns. It even allows you to independently control areas of your home so everyone’s comfortable.

  • Maintenance Reminders

    We all know we’re supposed to change our air filter but we forget more often then we’ll ever admit. A wifi thermostat can notify you of everything from simple maintenance reminders to serious issues.

It also offers you that honesty we were talking about earlier. By installing a WIFI thermostat, both you and your partner have the ability to be honest about who tweaked the temperature settings (and even when these changes occurred). For pricing and more information about your future WIFI thermostat, contact us today! https://www.kycomfort.com/contact-us/

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